Nathan Vos

Journalist, historian, writer. Nathan (1971) is also father, husband, son and brother. The latter, among others, of David. His incomprehensible death blew Nathan from his socks, but later put him on a mission to prevent new Davids. This resulted, in 2017, in the non-fictionbook Man o Man, in which Nathan investigates how ordinary happy men can become so desperate. To this end, Nathan interviewed 11 widowers.

In September 2018 the documentary Man in the Knoop appears on television , a production by acclaimed director Frans Bromet,  realized with Nathan. In this film  widows of men who died from suicide speak out. Nathan hopes, and what is coming, to achieve that we take male happiness more seriously. The first move is, Nathan thinks, that we should ask men better questions.


Nathan also talks about the phenomenon man and feeling.  An example of a lecture can be found here, and from November 2018, his TedXtalk will be online.

The proceeds from the lectures go to the Man o Man Foundation. For the time being we will use, in the Netherlands, a rate of 500 euros for non-commercial institutions and 1000 euros for commercial institutions. Plus expenses. Interested? Mail us at stichtingmanoman@gmail.com

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